AMOR Y HUMOR (CATON) (AMOR Y HUMOR (CATON ) nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

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Three hundred Berber horsemen had caused this hue and cry, their glinting shields revealed by the moon in the sky.

Cinta García de la Rosa (Author of The Funny Adventures of Little Nani)

If honor pricks him on, love applies the brake; not to go is cowardly, yet loyalty holds him back. He cares not a whit to be theme for a writer, or given a throne or crowned with a miter. Of maps and their measurements he knows as much as maps understand of urinary infections. He has his astrolabe, and the other baubles, his compass and globes, weighing ten pounds. And much good may it do them! So young he left her I scarcely believe she had then lived the years that have passed since his leaving. I sing no more, Mother; or if I do, my song is only a tale of woe, since he who departed making off with the spoils, left only the silence, the voice he stole.

And from appearing in print to publicize my follies, when in the lives of others I see such faults committed, so many examples to serve me, Lord, preserve me. Y del mercader devoto, de conciencia manirroto, que, acrecentando sus rentas, pasa a menudo sus cuentas, y a las ajenas tarde, Dios me guarde. De doncella con maleta, ordinario y estafeta, que quiere contra derecho, pasando por el estrecho, llegar entera a Colibre, Dios me libre.

Dios me guarde. From the virgin with two couriers, one regular, one express, who defying natural law plans to reach Collioure intact by using the back door, Lord, deliver me.


From the buck who in the square makes great play with his blade, but if challenged on his own exits like Don Gaiferos when he made Melisandre wait, Lord, preserve me. From the maid who comes to the house to take charge in the kitchen and cooks up a spicier stew [ 65 ] con la mujer del honrado que con clavos y gengibre, Dios me libre.

Y de amigo cortesano con las insignias de Jano, desvelado en la cautela, cuyo soplo a veces hiela, y a veces abrasa y arde, Dios me guarde. From the courtier friend, with the insignia of Janus, always looking behind him, whose breath will sometimes freeze one, and sometimes scald and burn one, Lord, preserve me. He heard the persistent barking, far away yet quite distinct, of an unsleeping watchdog, and in a rustic refuge, poorly roofed, compassion found, but surely not his way. The sun appeared and with it, nestled in ermine, a beauty slowly waking, who with sweet strife waylaid this traveler, still not well but ailing.

Much more than documents.

This lodging he must pay for with his life. Oh, how he weeps! How he complains! On the burning sand he was spreading his nets when he felt the assault of the beautiful huntress. Her eyes shot more arrows than there were in her quiver: for disdain is a poison more deadly than herbs. Las venas con poca sangre, los ojos con mucha noche, [ 70 ] Ya le regala los ojos, ya le entra, sin ver por donde, una piedad mal nacida entre dulces escorpiones; ya es herido el pedernal, ya despide el primer golpe centellas de agua.

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Hierbas aplica a sus llagas, que, si no sanan entonces, en virtud de tales manos lisonjean los dolores. Amor le ofrece su venda, mas ella sus velos rompe para ligar sus heridas; los rayos del sol perdonen. Wretched pity, child of a traitorous family!

She applies sweet herbs to his wounds, which may not cure him forthwith, yet by virtue of those soft hands the pain is at once relieved. Love offers to lend his blindfold but she starts tearing her veil to use for binding those wounds; may the sun spare her complexion! Humilde se apea el villano, y sobre la yegua pone un cuerpo con poca sangre, pero con dos corazones. Llegaron temprano a ella, do una labradora acoge un mal vivo con dos almas, y una ciega con dos soles.

Las manos, pues, cuyos dedos de esta vida fueron dioses, restituyen a Medoro salud nueva, fuerzas dobles; y le entregan, cuando menos, su beldad, y un reino en dote, segunda invidia de Marte, primera dicha de Adonis. Corona un lascivo enjambre de cupidillos menores la choza, bien como abejas, hueco tronco de alcornoque. Todo es gala el africano, su vestido espira olores, [ 74 ] natural kindness, responds to her compassionate suit. Submissive, the man dismounts, and onto the mare he hoists a body with little blood but with two hearts beating at once; to his simple hut he guides them, as the sun nears the horizon and smoke from his cabin rising is the compass to direct them.

A mischievous swarm of Cupids delightedly hover at work above the roof of the cabin like bees round a hollow oak. How many knots dull Envy ties in the length of a snake, recording each deep-throated moan that the lovebirds make! Desnuda el pecho anda ella, vuela el cabello sin orden; si le abrocha, es con claveles, con jazmines, si lo coge. El pie calza en lazos de oro, porque la nieve se goce, y no se vaya por pies la hermosura del orbe. Todo sirve a los amantes, plumas les baten, veloces, airecillos lisonjeros, si no son murmuradores.

Cuevas, do el silencio apenas deja que sombras las moren, profanan con sus abrazos, a pesar de sus horrores. The tree trunks have plenty of bark, more apt for recording their names than weighty tablets of marble, tedious panels of bronze. I kept the receipt, which I may need to use as warrant against the attentions of Don Diego. And then to court. I must surely have gone blind!

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Gluttony I saw, enjoying dieting, but great Plato, big plates? None to be found! This was no troop of nymphs, those who live in the waters, or those whom the woods revere, followers of Diana: these were country girls of Cuenca, famous on that mountain, whose foot two rivers kiss [ 79 ] por besar de ella las plantas. Bailando y partiendo [ 80 ] doing service to its plants.

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  • How those country girls can dance! How they can dance! Not all the joyful voices are from feathered sirens who frolic in the foam of the leafy groves. Yace el Griego.

    Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna (spanish Edition) by Armando Fuentes VG

    Later we will have to foot the bill. The diamond-studded gala came a cropper —the brillants so abundant some were topaz, while even Sir Crystal had a go at chic. But as was only proper the Palace health was toasted many times over. The following day their Majesties were sick.

    Romance de Amor

    Pay tribute, and proceed along your path. Here lies the Greek. Nature has thus acquired Art, while Art acquires example, Iris color, Phoebus light, and Morpheus shade. I have seen my bovine friends, tied to the yoke, ploughing a furrow with less measured tread than he who entered the city with hung head so listlessly one could hardly bear to look. Shepherds, what do you seek? La diligencia, calzada, en vez de abarcas, el viento, cumbres pisa coronadas de paraninfos del cielo.

    AMOR Y HUMOR (CATON) (AMOR Y HUMOR (CATON )  nº 1) (Spanish Edition) AMOR Y HUMOR (CATON) (AMOR Y HUMOR (CATON ) nº 1) (Spanish Edition)
    AMOR Y HUMOR (CATON) (AMOR Y HUMOR (CATON )  nº 1) (Spanish Edition) AMOR Y HUMOR (CATON) (AMOR Y HUMOR (CATON ) nº 1) (Spanish Edition)
    AMOR Y HUMOR (CATON) (AMOR Y HUMOR (CATON )  nº 1) (Spanish Edition) AMOR Y HUMOR (CATON) (AMOR Y HUMOR (CATON ) nº 1) (Spanish Edition)
    AMOR Y HUMOR (CATON) (AMOR Y HUMOR (CATON )  nº 1) (Spanish Edition) AMOR Y HUMOR (CATON) (AMOR Y HUMOR (CATON ) nº 1) (Spanish Edition)
    AMOR Y HUMOR (CATON) (AMOR Y HUMOR (CATON )  nº 1) (Spanish Edition) AMOR Y HUMOR (CATON) (AMOR Y HUMOR (CATON ) nº 1) (Spanish Edition)
    AMOR Y HUMOR (CATON) (AMOR Y HUMOR (CATON )  nº 1) (Spanish Edition) AMOR Y HUMOR (CATON) (AMOR Y HUMOR (CATON ) nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

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