Dont Be Cruel (To A Heart Thats True)

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The Judds ~ Don't Be Cruel

Accompanied by guitarist Scotty Moore and bassist Bill Black, Presley was a pioneer of rockabilly, an uptempo, backbeat-driven fusion of country music and rhythm and blues. With a series of successful network television appearances and chart-topping records, he became the leading figure of the newly popular sound of rock and roll. Years of prescription drug abuse severely compromised his health, and he died suddenly in at his Graceland estate at the age of Featured lyrics. Don't be cruel to a heart that's true. Baby, if I made you mad For something I might have said, Please, lets forget the past, The future looks bright ahead, Don't be cruel to a heart that's true.

I don't want no other love, Baby it's just you I'm thinking of. Don't stop thinking of me, Don't make me feel this way, Come on over here and love me, You know what I want you to say. Mystery Train.

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Love Me. Burning Love. Young And Beautiful. One Night. He had ventured over the bridge from his home borough of Brooklyn into Manhattan as he had done countless times during his life to play, record or promote his music. And this, he knew, was an important night. Late Night With David Letterman was a television show on the rise in American popular culture, and it had a particular strong, cult-like following amongst young people These were the people who were apt to love and worship rock and roll music, its culture, stars icons and most importantly, its mythological figures and their lost stories.

He was adorned in a conservative blue-gray sports coat with a striped tie. His now famous flop of hair looked thick and more pronounced; it was probably the only part of him more distracting than his legendary gap-toothed smile that will always invoke the cover of Mad magazine. Please folks, give a nice welcome to Mr.

Don't Be Cruel (To a Heart That's True) Lyrics

Otis Blackwell. He had never been afraid of the stage once he made the decision to take the stage; it was making the decision that had always seemed to haunt him over the years.

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Blackwell met Letterman at the edge of the stage and graciously gripped his hand. He walked in front, waved his hand lightly up to the crowd to acknowledge their applause.

Don't Be Cruel

He was always gracious, and he was in his element. This was before rock and roll took off and became the music that would unite and define a generation. In the years after that choice, he devoted most of his energy to songs for others. Few non-performing rock and roll figures had ever amassed so many important popular songs.

Don't Be Cruel lyrics

He knew this audience would respond to that because it had long been suspected that Elvis Presley had been drinking from some secret creative well. He leaned in towards Letterman and shifted in his seat. His face looked serious, yet it exuded an uneasiness about the topic. It was almost as if the answer had escaped him suddenly. He had been asked that question dozens of time over the years from all kinds of writers and interviewers.

Don't Be Cruel

The story was the stuff of legend now. He held up his hands to indicate money. Letterman adored controversy, and at times he enjoyed asking his guests uncomfortable questions. In this interview, however, Blackwell was not his target. Letterman was going after the giant named Elvis Presley. He almost lets a smile escape and pretends to act as if it is all new to him, as if he is not so sure.

But though it is no longer important to him, others still want to point it out.

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And it was, at the time, the practice. The songwriters knew they would stand to make a lot of money from a Presley recording, so if Presley wanted half of the songwriting credit, he could get it.

Blackwell had told other interviewers that he was reluctant to provide Presley with credit for writing the songs at first, but like most of the other writers who encountered the Presley phenomenon, he acquiesced. After Letterman led Blackwell through more questions about Presley, it came time for the performance. That was why he was there anyway.

He harbored no ill will about the past. That was business; as for the singing part, the performance-now that was different. That was the beauty of it all. It was just as the song had been written in with the piano introduction. It is a simple song too.

Dont Be Cruel (To A Heart Thats True) Dont Be Cruel (To A Heart Thats True)
Dont Be Cruel (To A Heart Thats True) Dont Be Cruel (To A Heart Thats True)
Dont Be Cruel (To A Heart Thats True) Dont Be Cruel (To A Heart Thats True)
Dont Be Cruel (To A Heart Thats True) Dont Be Cruel (To A Heart Thats True)
Dont Be Cruel (To A Heart Thats True) Dont Be Cruel (To A Heart Thats True)
Dont Be Cruel (To A Heart Thats True) Dont Be Cruel (To A Heart Thats True)

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