Horizontes y versos (Spanish Edition)

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As the first Spanish woman war correspondent she covered the colonial war in Morocco. Burgos also founded the Crusade for Spanish Women, and was an active member of other groups that championed feminist causes. Arguably, what makes Burgos unique among first wave feminists is that she develops strong and cogent arguments for the benefits feminism could bring to working class women.

Edgeless and eccentric cities or new peripheries?

She specifically addresses the pay and legal status of women factory laborers; and she calls on them to unionize to demand the same rights as men. A prolific and popular writer, Burgos published approximately novellas, eight long novels, numerous manuals for women, essays and treatises on women and myriad translations.

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She died in while she was running for a seat in the newly formed Parliament as candidate for the Radical Socialist Party. Born in Argentina, she earned her doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania. More recently, she has published articles and given talks on the works of Carmen de Burgos and Rosa Chacel. He received his Ph. He teaches courses in Hispanic linguistics and translation, and has published essays and presented at national and international conferences on his research on Spanish in the United States and other topics of a sociolinguistic nature.

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A Mexican young woman goes to Japan in the early 80s. She settles in the country, not knowing Japanese or much about Japanese culture, but eager to absorb both. This she does gradually, in touch with ordinary people who take an interest in her. In very little time the young Mexican is speaking Japanese and integrated into Japanese life, earning a living like ordinary people and learning the details of a culture foreign but alluring to her. Years later, having become a professor of Latin American literature in the U.

This is the story told in this book: the transformation of a young woman through immersion in a foreign civilization that will become her own intellectually and spiritually. It is the tale of Japan in the heart: Kokoro. The author is a published poet and here she demonstrates that gift with her exquisite prose. Araceli Tinajero was born and raised in Mexico City.

This collection of essays by reputed scholars from both sides of the Atlantic explores the continuous relationships between Spain and North America across geographic regions, historic periods, and a variety of topics. PART I. This book presents interdisciplinary perspectives on the cultural agency across Latin America and its borders. Mujer frente al sol , [English version] by Judith Ortiz Cofer. Caminos y encuentros , by Rose Marie Tapia. Horizontes 93 : Revista Hispano Cubana 24 : Horizontes 92 : Baquiana 6 : Revista Hispano Cubana 21 : La calle del espanto , by Richard Brooks.

Horizontes 91 : Confluencia Enlazando gallotes , by Mercedes Arias. Baquiana 5 : Cuaderno de un viaje sin retorno , by Julio Cintado. Revista Hispano Cubana 19 : Hispania : Horizontes 87 : South Atlantic Review Huellas 7. Huellas 8. En la Ocho y la Doce , [English version. Cuba y Brasil : Etnohistoria del empleo religioso del lenguaje afroamericano , by William W.

En la Ocho y la Doce , by Roberto G. Revista Hispano Cubana 11 : Huellas 6. Contemporary Argentinean Women Writers , Ed. Hispanic Outlook 9.

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Voloj Pereira. The Travel Diary of Joseph J. Dimock , Edited by Louis A. Linden Lane Intrascendencias by Juan C. MultiCultural Review 7. Intrascendencias , by Juan C. Huellas 3. And I do love; nor am I dead. I have loves: in me, the passions of your scattered peoples are like terrible embers.

The longing on their lips makes me moan. Soy tu surco. Here I am; gather me up with your hand. Watch over me; carry me. I carried you like that. I am your furrow. Look at me and remember my lips!

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Why do you pass along, breaking me open? Y ahora, si haces una Tanagra con nosotros, ponnos todo en la frente, o todo en el seno. His clay and the clay of my own bones, at last joined together! With every atom of my body I have kissed him, with every atom I held him close.

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A thousand weddings for our two bodies! To mix us well together, they dissolved us. Like the roar of swarming bees, the buzz of our love in ferment! And now, if you make a Tanagra vase of us, set us all on the upper brow, or all in the chest. O potter! Oprimidme: he sido vuestra; deshacedme, porque os hice; pisadme, porque no os di toda la verdad y toda la belleza. To the Children A er many years, when I am a little mound of silent dust, play with me, with the clay of my heart and of my bones.

If they make me a brick in a prison, I will blush with shame to hear a man sobbing. I would rather be the dust you play with in the paths of the countryside. Walk on me: I have been yours. Destroy me, for I made you. Step on me, because I did not give you all truth and all beauty. When you make any image with me, shatter it instantly: at every instant the children made me shatter with tenderness and sorrow! The Enemy I dreamed that I was already earth, that I was a meter of dark earth at the side of a road.

When the carts loaded with hay passed by at dusk, the scent they le in the air made me tremble to remember the land where I was born; later, when the group of harvesters passed by, it was evoked again.

Humberto López Cruz, Ph.D.

At the calling of the twilight bells, my soul remembered God, under its blind dust. But now I am darkened dust, and I love even the thistles that grow above me and the wheels of the carts that bruise me as they pass. No acid, no man-made chemical, could have separated us.

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It was a simple vessel, with no decoration, no etching, nothing to separate us. And if the very soul of Cain could have been dipped in that vessel, that soul would have risen from it like a honeycomb, dripping with honey.

The Amphoras You have already found the red and black silted clay by the river. It will not be troubled by elegance, but will be the Amphora of Health. Make the amphora of the sensualist. Make the amphora of the mournful. Make it simple as a tear, no frieze, no colored decoration, because the owner will not look at its beauty. It will be the Amphora of Protest. They will put neither wine nor water in it. That will be the Amphora of Desolation. And that empty bosom will disturb anyone who looks at it, more than if it were brimming with blood.

No eres humilde, y rehusas bajar como otros vasos a las cisternas, a llenarte de agua impura. Nor do you open to nourish yourself with little tendernesses, as do some of my amphoras, which accept the slow drops the night pours into them and live from that brief freshness. And you are not red, but white with thirst, because the most intense ardor has that terrible whiteness. El amor los tajea de ardor, y no ven que son hermanos de mis gredas abiertas. Miden desde su quietud meditativa el contorno de todas las cosas, y su brevedad no la conocen, de verse engrandecidos en su sombra.

They tremble in the hands of Destiny, and they do not believe that they waver this way because they are vessels. Love carves the ardor out of them, and they do not see that in this way they are like my open clay. They hate their little wall. They hate the little feet of their base, which hardly li s them from the dust to receive a bit of daylight.

And the breath of God, which dropped on them while He was creating them, le them in an even greater anguish, faintly remembering a great elegance and sweetness.

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The vessel for Falerno wine detests the acrid smell of the winepress. The vessel for perfumed oil hates its cloying thickness and envies the lightness of the vessel for clear water. They are the most anguished of all. The Four-Petaled Flower My soul was once a great tree, on which a million fruits ripened.

Horizontes y versos (Spanish Edition) Horizontes y versos (Spanish Edition)
Horizontes y versos (Spanish Edition) Horizontes y versos (Spanish Edition)
Horizontes y versos (Spanish Edition) Horizontes y versos (Spanish Edition)
Horizontes y versos (Spanish Edition) Horizontes y versos (Spanish Edition)
Horizontes y versos (Spanish Edition) Horizontes y versos (Spanish Edition)
Horizontes y versos (Spanish Edition) Horizontes y versos (Spanish Edition)
Horizontes y versos (Spanish Edition) Horizontes y versos (Spanish Edition)
Horizontes y versos (Spanish Edition) Horizontes y versos (Spanish Edition)

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