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Abstract This study concerns 47 hourglass and 25 rotary-hand millstones from Pompei. GeoRef Subject.

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You do not currently have access to this article. John Dickinson, of New York city, and patented by him. But if they would take the trouble to investigate their history and the purposes for which they are, and have been employed, besides that of ornaments, they will learn that they were used before the Christian era, and up to the present age, for making lines of any depth or form, and for carving faces and figures in relief it on the hardest class of stones, such as the onyx, and others which are almost as hard as the diamond itself.

Again, diamonds are now being used successfully for drilling:, sawing, planing, turning, shaping, carving, and dressing stones or other hard substances.

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Diamonds set in an ordinary stem or ferule, were tried many years ago in Europe and recently in this country for producing lines upon millstones, and the millers were perfectly satisfied that the finest and most effective dress was attained by merely gliding the diamond lightly over the stone. The use of diamond s for this purpose was abandoned, however, from the difficulty in keeping them in their setting, and the liability of their being broken by over pressure.

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It was universally conceded, that if the diamond could be set sufficiently firm in an instrument, so constructed as to regulate the pressure and protect it, it would eventually in a great measure supersede the pick. After many experiments and trials, Mr. Dickinson has succeeded in constructing the important improvements, illustrated in our engravings, the success of which is attested by those using the machine for over six years.

The main difficulty he found was in educating millers to the proper handling of the diamond, and overcoming prejudices against any innovation upon the old mode of dressing- with a pick. From their habit of Iileeiqg so much stone displaced, it had become au idea or conviction with them that such displacement was actually necessary or unavoidable, and it has taken!

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The large engraving exhibits Mr. Dickinson's patent graduated guide. This roller is screwed on a projection, G, attached to the middle of the lower arm, B,' The wheel, H, has also cut on its edge graduated teeth in which a pawl, I, is made to catch, propelling the wheel around when actuated by the thumb-piece, K, with'the pressure of the thumb of the left hand, and it is sustained in its position by a pawl, L, as the pressure is continuously repeated.

The box, M, contains a spring which throws the double rule, A, back to its former position when relieved from the pawl, L.

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On a raised ledging of the bed-plate, P, there is a graduated scale with figures, to enable the operator to set his distances as he may require between each line, which is done by a short sliding bar, secured by a screw, N. The spiral movement described is attached to the bed-plate, P the latter being planed level , and is adjustable upon the face of the stone as may be required. In using this guide, the operation is yery simple, and requires but little practice, the guide being so constructed as to produ.

It can also be sat by the, scale so as to obtain any number of cracks to the inch from eight to forty-eight.

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This pressure is repeated until the back of the double rule touches the straight edge, D, when the forefinger of the left hand presses the pawl, L, and the spring in the box, M, then instantly extends the double rule to its first position. Words nearby millstone mills , mills bomb , mills cross , mills grenade , mills of the gods grind slowly , millstone , millstone around one's neck , millstream , millville , millwheel , millwork. See mill 1 , stone. Examples from the Web for millstone But the challenge of Europe is to accept a connection to a millstone that has the financial world teetering.

The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 14, No. Miss Caprice St.

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