One True Love (A Regency Romance)

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Sophia fell in love with her soulmate Honorius when she was two, married him when she turned sixteen and lost him to death at twenty-one.

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Day by day, Sophia tries to keep the terrible loneliness at bay by losing herself in her duties, knowing that she will never be able to marry again…until one morning, her predictable world is shattered by Sasha. The angelically handsome Russian prince stumbles drunk into her hotel, creates the most awkward scene and passes out in her lobby. All too soon, she finds herself locked in a dance of desire with the equally fascinating and complicated man who stirs her passion like her beloved husband did — or maybe even more.

He had learned early that being a fabulously rich prince offered no protection against misery.

His adolescence shaped by the cruelty of his so-called Russian father, Sasha learned to rely only on himself and tried to build his own life, to have his dreams shattered again and again. Certainly, the last thing he needs is a lover. What is intended as a pleasant temporary arrangement becomes so much more when the competent businesswoman stands by him through the most humiliating scandal and hides him at The Noble. Add to Bag. Lord of Scoundrels , by Loretta Chase A classic within the genre follows the infamous Marquess of Dain, whose reputation has not one iota of respectability.

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But when Jessica Trent walks into his life, Sebastian must convince a good woman to fall from grace—and fall in love with him. Then one night changes all of that, but once Lillian and Marcus fall in love, a conspiracy emerges to rip them apart. Flowers From the Storm , by Laura Kinsale Another veritable icon of Regency Romance where a wounded man with a dark past is healed by true love. When he has a stroke, Maddy compassionately cares for him and learns that the past is nothing but a memory when confronted by a future with someone you deeply care for.

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He agrees, but what starts as convenience becomes a relationship he would as soon die—or kill—for. How can such happiness find her when she has no money and no home? Blinded from an injury in his past, Ransom is harsh and bitter, but when Izzy arrives, one ray of sunshine turns into true love.

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The problem? He agrees, with one catch: move in with him, and tarnish her reputation, letting society think the worst of them both.

Well, he had friends, and in this Regency romance they all secretly gather at a brothel to explore their carnal desires. No one is more accomplished at this than Viscount Rohan, except when it comes to Elinor Harriman, who seems immune to his seduction. Duke of Sin , by Elizabeth Hoyt Sinfully attractive but dangerously unscrupulous, Valentine Napier, the Duke of Montgomery, has returned from exile to seek vengeance. But he meets Bridget Crumb, his new housekeeper, and finds he has a goal in mind. Blame it on the Duke , by Lenora Bell Nicolas, Lord Hatherly, does not want to marry—especially because madness runs in his family, and will inevitably come for him.

Alice Tombs feels the same way, having pushed away three suitors previously in her attempts to delay marriage. Except that the summer nights prove sensual, and what is fake and what is real become difficult to distinguish. Six Impossible Things , by Elizabeth Hoyt Lord Rimsell is the opposite of a rake: strong, dependable, and honorable, he can be taken for his word. Which is why when he is caught after a moment of temptation with Rosalie Stratton, his course is clear: he must marry her, to protect their reputations.

So when a difficult situation arises and she has to go to him for help, she is angry and ashamed. Engaged to a lovely—albeit boring—man, she has the rest of her life planned out.

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But until the wedding takes place, she decides to pursue the parts of life she has ignored—for research purposes, of course. Enter scoundrel Cross, gaming hall owner and sexual conquest. But can Philippa keep her attraction to Cross purely scientific? Now they are searching for two people, but conspiracy, and attraction, threaten to undo everything they are working for.

But while Henry is a man of great status, he has no intention of returning to polite society Can Nell convince him, the only man she's ever loved, to start a life with her in the real world?

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The world of Regency romance tragically lost one of its best authors, Jo Beverley, in Luckily, she lives on in her romance novels, including over 20 Regencies. Too Dangerous for a Lady tells the story of Lady Hermione Merryhew, who is shocked when a man seeks sanctuary one night—in her bedroom of all places!

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Being with him may threaten all Hermione holds dear, but she's never met a challenge she didn't like When Marianne's uncle promises her to a duke accused of matricide, Marianne Radley is determined to never see their engagement through. If she can expose the evil character of her betrothed, she thinks, her uncle may just call the whole thing off But will the Duke of Aylesbury reveal himself to be the monster Marianne assumes him to be?

Or is he simply a tender heart, hidden in the shadow of scandal and rumor? You know what they say about dukes behaving badly Fortunately, Lady Margaret Sawford is willing to take a risk—because with reputation already in ruins, what else has she to lose? Margaret starts shacking up with the Duke of Lasham who, in addition to wearing an eye patch, is also devilishly handsome. But though Margaret tries her best to tame him, she may discover that her own wild side is desperate to break free After their wedding, the duke announces they'll spend just four nights together every year.

One True Love (A Regency Romance) One True Love (A Regency Romance)
One True Love (A Regency Romance) One True Love (A Regency Romance)
One True Love (A Regency Romance) One True Love (A Regency Romance)
One True Love (A Regency Romance) One True Love (A Regency Romance)
One True Love (A Regency Romance) One True Love (A Regency Romance)
One True Love (A Regency Romance) One True Love (A Regency Romance)

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