The Bizarre Sex Life of Mohammed

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Mohammed’s Greatest Miracle Was Sex

Lees meer. Auteur: Aisha Sofia Ali. Schrijf een review. E-mail deze pagina. Ebooks lezen is heel makkelijk. Na aankoop zijn ze direct beschikbaar op je Kobo e-reader en op je smartphone of tablet met de gratis bol. Uitgever: Smashwords Edition. The most sacrilegious XXX movie ever made somehow slipped under the radical cleric radar. Yet, in the midst of current debates on free speech, apostasy and blasphemy, this one unseen, unreported movie, unknown porno flick may well just prove a test case.

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Violating Islamic prohibitions against pornography and representations of the Prophet Muhammad was an underground adult porn film, released with no credits, filmed in collaboration with the Muslim diaspora, most likely in New York. This eBook by Aisha Sofia Ali analyzes the film and traces its unusual genesis, including the prosecution of the film's maker for both tax evasion and obscenity, making his case the first successful obscenity prosecution of the C21st. The fact that the reception on the evening of December 13 was being given by the American Sephardic Foundation in honor of King Mohammed VI of Morocco only added layers to the strangeness of my situation.

Distinguished guest after distinguished guest stood at the podium as wine was poured for the assembled party, and effusive words were spoken in praise of King Mohammed. There was a definite charm, even a relief, in hearing a room full of Jews applauding a Muslim monarch and paying homage to his wisdom and beneficence to the Jewish community. The evening had a feeling of the middle ages: the era of court Jews and royal indulgences.

He also spoke about the vibrancy of the contemporary Jewish community in Morocco. The historical record shows that Jews in Morocco in the chaotic years after independence in were scapegoated and victimized by the majority population. The Jews left Morocco in desperate haste. While the royal attitude towards the Jews is admirable, the reality of life in Morocco for its Jews has been fraught with trials.

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The current attitude of the Moroccan government to its minorities is also a complicated issue. The Moroccan military recently engaged in a strong-armed suppression of protests by the Sahrawi people, a formerly nomadic Berber tribe without a homeland, who are caught in a cold war between Morocco and neighboring Algeria. While many sovereign nations use their power in questionable ways, this recent outburst of violence brings up painful memories of the situation in Morroco for its Jews in the years after independence.

Religious violence. Main articles: Criticism of Islam and List of critics of Islam. See also: Atheism and Islam. Main article: Judaism's views on Muhammad. See also: Christianity and Islam and Muhammad's views on Christians. See also: Medieval Christian views on Muhammad. See also: Protestantism and Islam.

See also: Hindu—Islamic relations. See also: Arab slave trade , History of slavery in the Muslim world , and Islamic views on slavery. Main article: Prisoners of war in Islam. See also: War in Islam and Islam and violence. Campaigns of Muhammad. See also: Invasion of Banu Qurayza. Main article: Kenana ibn al-Rabi. Muhammad's marriages have long provided another source of Western criticism of the moral character of the prophet.

Main article: Zaynab bint Jahsh. Islam portal. And the Prophet ordered them to go where the camels given in alms were assembled, and to drink their milk, which they did, and recovered from their sickness.

My Night With King Mohammed VI – The Forward

Then the Prophet ordered their hands and their feet to be cut off as a punishment for theft, and their eyes to be pulled out. But the Prophet did not stop the bleeding, and they died. London: W. Once the natural limits of restraint were overpassed, Mahomet fell an easy prey to his strong passion for the sex. In his fifty-sixth year he married Haphsa; and the following year, in two succeeding months, Zeinab bint Khozeima, and Omm Salma. But his desires were not to be satisfied by the range of a harem already greater than was permitted to any of his followers; rather, as age advanced, they were stimulated to seek for new and varied indulgence.

A few months after his nuptials with Zeinab and Omm Salma, the charms of a second Zeinab were by accident discovered too fully before the Prophet's admiring gaze.

Sex Education - Official Trailer - Netflix

She was the wife of Zeid, his adopted son and bosom friend; but he was unable to smother the flame she had kindled in his breast; and, by divine command she was taken to his bed. In the same year he married a seventh wife, and also a concubine. And at last, when he was full threescore years of age, no fewer than three new wives, besides Mary the Coptic slave, were within the space of seven months added to his already well filled harem.

The Life of Mahomet Vol. London: Smith, Elder and Co. He thus rejects schizophrenic hallucinations thesis arguing that the blunted affect of the schizophrenic can hardly inspire the tenacious loyalty of the early followers. Furthermore, without personal conviction of the reality of his visions, Muhammad could not have convinced his astute followers. On the evidences opposing the diagnosis he mentions the late age of onset , lack of recognition as seizures by his contemporaries, and lastly poetic, organized statements in immediate postictal period.

The hubbub of the waking life might close a door which in the dreamy subliminal might remain ajar or open. Encyclopaedia of Islam. New York : Oxford University Press. A History of Christian-Muslim Relations. Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press. John of Damascus in the late seventh century, who wrote of "the false prophet ", Muhammad. Rivalry, and often enmity, continued between the European Christian world and the Islamic world [ For Christian theologians , the "Other" was the infidel, the Muslim.

Criticism of Muhammad

In the twelfth century, Peter the Venerable [ A century later, St. Thomas Aquinas in Summa contra Gentiles accused Muhammad of seducing people by promises of carnal pleasure, uttering truths mingled with many fables and announcing utterly false decisions that had no divine inspiration. Those who followed Muhammad were regarded by Aquinas as brutal, ignorant "beast-like men" and desert wanderers.

Through them Muhammad, who asserted he was "sent in the power of arms", forced others to become followers by violence and armed power. The prophet, who looked upon every evident correction of his gospel as an attack upon his own reputation, brooked no contradiction, and unhesitatingly threw down the gauntlet to the Jews. Numerous passages in the Koran show how he gradually went from slight thrusts to malicious vituperations and brutal attacks on the customs and beliefs of the Jews.

When they justified themselves by referring to the Bible, Muhammad, who had taken nothing therefrom at first hand, accused them of intentionally concealing its true meaning or of entirely misunderstanding it, and taunted them with being "asses who carry books" sura lxii. The increasing bitterness of this vituperation, which was similarly directed against the less numerous Christians of Medina , indicated that in time Muhammad would not hesitate to proceed to actual hostilities.

The outbreak of the latter was deferred by the fact that the hatred of the prophet was turned more forcibly in another direction, namely, against the people of Mecca , whose earlier refusal of Islam and whose attitude toward the community appeared to him at Medina as a personal insult which constituted a sufficient cause for war. Stillman Jewish Publication Society. See Migne , Patrologia Graeca , Vol. An English translation by the Reverend John W. Voorhis appeared in The Moslem World , October , pp.

Review of Religious Research.

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At about the same time Muhammad contracted an engagement with 'A'ishah , the six-year-old daughter of Abu Bakr , and married her shortly after his arrival at Medina. In the space of ten years he took twelve or thirteen wives and had several concubines: even the faithful were scandalized, and the prophet had to resort to alleged special revelations from God to justify his conduct. Such was the case when he wished to marry Zainab , the wife of his adopted son Zaid. They were brought out to him in groups. Among them were the enemy of God, Huyayy b. Asad, the head of the tribe.

They numbered or —the largest estimate says they were between and Do you not see that the summoner does not discharge [anyone] and that those of you who are taken away do not come back? By God, it is death!

The Bizarre Sex Life of Mohammed The Bizarre Sex Life of Mohammed
The Bizarre Sex Life of Mohammed The Bizarre Sex Life of Mohammed
The Bizarre Sex Life of Mohammed The Bizarre Sex Life of Mohammed
The Bizarre Sex Life of Mohammed The Bizarre Sex Life of Mohammed
The Bizarre Sex Life of Mohammed The Bizarre Sex Life of Mohammed
The Bizarre Sex Life of Mohammed The Bizarre Sex Life of Mohammed
The Bizarre Sex Life of Mohammed The Bizarre Sex Life of Mohammed

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