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Don’t Throw Away Your Dog’s Poop for This One Reason

I feel the same way as you do. I have 3 disposables with me. A dog Dewey , a rabbit Trixie and a small parrot Kiwi. But right now, they are very spoiled and loved. Amazing story. We adopted them, spent a fortune getting them straightened out. They are the most wonderful, loving creatures. They are worth it all. They are just so full of love it is amazing.

This is the most amazing story I have read in a while. Thank you for all you did for Zack. May you be rewarded, as you have already been with his sweet memory. This is too much sadness in too short a time for a spirit that, more than most I know, was designed to soar. Throw aways—yes. People do throw lives away. The balance in the equation is this: people like you.

Zack came to you—his gift, your gift. Of all the dogs and people and places in the world, why—your paths intersected. Fortune smiled. Happiness bloomed. To Zack, time was irrelevant. A truly happy dog! There was only one Zack. But, there are so many animals in need, waiting for someone to help them. With all your energy, and spirit, I know you will. And in your heart, dear Zack will stand with you, at peace forever. My God how hideous can people be! How can you live with living, breathing creature day in and day out and then just toss it away.

Our retired racer Lucy is going in today to have her teeth done. Dear Kerry, I have tears in my eyes after reading your story about your special boy, Zack. How wonderful that you gave him love, care, and everything he could ever need for the time you had him.

I adopted her from a shelter when she was 5 months old.

  1. WATCH: Dog trained to get beer, koozie, throw away cans.
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  3. Stray 'Throw Away Dog' trained for K-9 work dies after donation.
  4. Like you, my heart is breaking because I miss her so much. But also,like you, I know that the years she spent with me were the most wonderful happy times for both of us. I take comfort in knowing that I gave her the best possible life, and she gave me the best companionship I could ever hope for.

    All any dog needs is some time spent with them, showing them love and care. There are no mean dogs —only mean people who teach them the wrong things. God bless you for all that you do, and remember Zack is waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge. What a handsome boy!!! How do you do that to your pet?

    However it worked out for the best…I have such as sweet beautiful boy and Raider has parents who love and adore him. Thank you for sharing your story about Zack.

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    Living in Trenton I see more abuse of Pit Bulls not fighting but the massive tire chain collars and zero tolerance for any mistake the dog makes. I would love to start a program here in Trenton at the school level about animal care. Like Kerry points out, animal abuse must be taught. He is one of the sweetest souls I have ever known and I feel blessed to have found him a day before his planned execution. Kerry, I just read yor memorial to Zack. He was as lucky to have you as you were to have him.

    10 Things Dog Owners Need To Throw Out Right Now - Dogtime

    May he rest in peace. I have to comment on this post because I own a few dogs myself and a few cats. My dogs that I have i intended on breeding and the somewhere realized that was not what I wanted to do anymore because I loved them too much and never wanted to see the puppies go. Needless to say I had made a commitment to the dogs that I had and I have been through so much to just hold on to them. I literally live in a home that has no insulation in the walls which i did not know at the time i rented it but later found out because the property allows for them to remain with me.

    In the time i have lived here a mother cat gave birth in my barn and needless to say i wound up with 2 of her kittens bottle feeding them and then came another litter and i wound up with 1 bottle feeding it so they too are with me now. I have no clue how people do what they do and my heart aches when i read some of the stories on how people look at animals as if they are disposable. I have been laughed at and called nuts and told that I have given my life up for my animals but the way i view it is the same way that I view having a child.

    I took on the responsibility and it is my obligation to see it thru and it is not the animals fault nor should they suffer. I would love to help out at your shelter I am pretty local to you and if you need help there I am available and so is my daughter. I am sure another 2 sets of hands would and could make a difference. I have alot of experience and I am here if you need a hand.

    My dogs are my children i love them and i could never replace them. I miss him very much he truly was extrordinary. He became a catalyst for me — to spur me forward to saving other animals and want to stop the […]. They were found on the streets of LA….

    Now they are spoiled boxer dogs bringing us love and joy everyday. What a beautiful dog Zack was! And what a beautiful life you gave him! I believe that education is the way to go for our future generations.

    The Throw Away Dog The Throw Away Dog
    The Throw Away Dog The Throw Away Dog
    The Throw Away Dog The Throw Away Dog
    The Throw Away Dog The Throw Away Dog
    The Throw Away Dog The Throw Away Dog

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