The Won Thing

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Alaska: You can’t carry a bow and arrow

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‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Won’t Do This 1 Thing When She Flies

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One question to ask yourself: THE ONE THING by Gary Keller

Before you continue It truly is about her personal journey to find fulfillment, happiness and peace within. Like many people, she was constantly looking outside of herself for happiness. As as you can expect, happiness, fulfillment and joy were ever elusive until she found the secret that these things are not an outside job, they are attained from someone who is happy within for what and who they are. Nothing is going to satisfy you if you are looking beyond yourself.

No amount of money, fast cars, sex, clothes, big houses and the material possessions of life.

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In other words there is no one thing, it is your ability to not be attached to any of the material and go within for your true peace. As Peggy writes, happiness begins within.

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She suggest regular updating of your affirmations and to express gratitude for your circumstances. When you create the internal condition for happiness within yourself, you shift into a positive emotional state, and the universe responds by matching your external circumstances.

If in your subconscious mind you feel sadness, the universe will attract situations to you that reflect sorrow.

The Won Thing The Won Thing
The Won Thing The Won Thing
The Won Thing The Won Thing
The Won Thing The Won Thing
The Won Thing The Won Thing

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