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Publications Prof. Dr. Laumer - University of Bamberg

Italy sent recently a reply, which is currently being translated. The legal analysis of this issue, by the Commission services, will only be possible in the light of the clarifications received. La Commissione ha raccolto alcuni dati in proposito al fine di trovare una soluzione ai problemi associati all'osteoporosi.

Si ritiene che le pubblicazioni seguenti siano particolarmente importanti:. Il riassunto sulle statistiche delle lesioni per il periodo , pag. Il rapporto sulla salute della popolazione femminile, pag. Spetta ai singoli Stati membri riuscire a garantire procedure adeguate di controllo e di diagnosi.

Ogni Stato membro dovrebbe organizzare campagne di sensibilizzazione in linea con gli obiettivi e le esigenze regionali e nazionali. Osteoporosis is a systemic skeletal disease characterised by low bone mass and microarchitectural deterioration of bone tissue, leading to enhanced bone fragility and a consequent increase in fracture risk, especially in the hip, femur, spinal column and wrist. It is generally the most preventable chronic disease of old age: according to recent studies, bones start to become more brittle in one in three Italian women over the age of In most cases, this disease is underdiagnosed and undertreated, meaning it is important to develop targeted prevention programmes.

That is why suitable awareness and prevention activities should be promoted among the female population. In Italy, an information and awareness campaign aimed at women has been launched to promote adequate bone mineralisation in young people, to tackle the demineralisation that happens after the menopause and to stress the importance of an active lifestyle and a balanced diet at any age.

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It only takes a few pointers to enable everyone to adopt the right eating and physical habits to prevent diseases that develop in old age. After the menopause, an imbalance develops between bone resorption and bone formation, a process caused primarily by a lack of oestrogens which, in themselves, have a protective function in respect of bone tissue.

The Commission is aware of the regional diversity of the onset of osteoporosis in Europe including the epidemiology of the condition.

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In this regard, the Commission has gathered data to help understand the problems associated with osteoporosis. In particular, the following publications are of relevance:. As regards providing check-ups and diagnostic procedures on the condition, these are actions that fall under the exclusive competence of Member States. Awareness-raising campaigns tailor-made to regional and national targets and needs would need to be developed by the Member States.

Oggetto: Futuro per progetti che mirano alla sicurezza europea in ambito energetico. Alcuni paesi dell'area mediterranea si stanno indirizzando verso progetti che prevedono lo sfruttamento di energie come quella eolica. Il PSM ambisce ad aumentare la percentuale di energia fotovoltaica per raggiungere determinati livelli entro il e creare una rete collaborativa tra paesi che garantiscano una connessione tra le due coste del Mediterraneo, condizione indispensabile per la buona riuscita del progetto su un piano di scambio bilaterale.

La Commissione sostiene attivamente il Piano solare mediterraneo fornendo assistenza tecnica attraverso il fondo di investimento per la politica di vicinato.

PDF Werbespot(t): Burnout mit Happy End? (German Edition)

Nella sua comunicazione. Il piano propone azioni comuni sviluppate congiuntamente dai principali soggetti interessati su entrambe le sponde del Mediterraneo. In recent years, there has been considerable international growth in renewable energy sources. A number of Mediterranean countries are turning to projects that involve the use of energy sources such as wind. The Mediterranean Solar Plan MSP and the decision of several regions to export this kind of renewable energy to Europe, with a pledge to ensure that this kind of energy supply is secure, are good examples of this.

The MSP seeks to increase the proportion of photovoltaic energy to certain levels by and to create a collaborative network between countries to link both sides of the Mediterranean, which is crucial in order for the project to succeed on the basis of bilateral trade. Also worthy of note is Desertec, a programme devised in with the aim of supplying energy to European countries, satisfying demand without harming the environment. Security, peace and social stability are the keywords for a future in which increasing demands will be made on global sustainable energy.

Though it will require diligent fund-raising, this kind of cooperation will contribute to the development of research, technological innovation and the economy, thus enabling different cultures and peoples to live together in greater harmony and North African countries to develop significantly. Does the Commission think it should give consideration to such projects and make a contribution by holding consultations and meetings to inform the public and raise awareness?

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Does it think guidelines should be proposed for the establishment and proper development of new bilateral projects? Is it considering the possibility of supporting and promoting cooperation with neighbouring countries, in an attempt to create an extensive and effective neighbourhood policy network? The Commission is actively supporting the Mediterranean Solar Plan, through technical assistance via the Neighbourhood Investment Facility.

In its communication on. As announced in the abovementioned Communication, the Commission is working on a comprehensive guidance document on the implementation of cooperation mechanisms under the Renewable Energy Directive, to be released this summer. It will.

This master plan will constitute the first comprehensive political document exclusively concerned with region-specific renewable energy and energy efficiency issues. It proposes common actions to be jointly developed by the main stakeholders of both sides of the Mediterranean Sea. How does the Commission plan to secure the achievement of the aforementioned EU objectives in time for the Vilnius Summit, notably the signing of the agreement with Ukraine and the initialling of agreements with Moldova, Georgia, and Armenia?

Association Agreement negotiations with the Republic of Moldova, Armenia and Georgia have made steady progress, as was recently recognised in the European Neighbourhood Policy progress reports. The pace of implementation of the Visa Liberalisation Action Plans VLAP is in the hands of the partner countries, although targeted EU financial and technical support is aimed at accelerating key reforms. A report on the second phase of the VLAP for Moldova will be issued before the summer break forming the basis for what can be realistically delivered at Vilnius.

The progress in the fulfilment of benchmarks will be closely examined by the Commission and the Council, with a view to reaching agreement to initiate the assessment of the second phase of benchmarks. The VLAP is in its initial stages of implementation. The annex to the report contains a proposal for a decision of the European Council establishing the composition of the European Parliament. That decision envisages changes to the number of representatives elected to the European Parliament in each Member State.

What will be the main criteria on the basis of which the total population of each state will be determined? Eurostat collects population data from the National Statistical Institutes by means of the annual demographic data collections. These data collections are at the moment on a voluntary basis and subject to the use of national definitions and methods. Eurostat encourages all countries to provide demographic statistics based on the concept of usual resident population; however the countries are not obliged to fulfil these requirements, due to the lack of a legal framework.

The Commission adopted in a legislative proposal aimed at providing the first-ever harmonised official statistics of the total population in Member States. The Commission proposal ensures that total population data are comparable between countries by means of a strict and mandatory adherence to the concept of usual residence. The Commission legislative proposal is currently under discussion in the Council and in the European Parliament.

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This act by the Civil Guard patrol boat Cabaleiro is one of the most serious issues of conduct by this body relating to maritime migration to Spain. The impact of the patrol boat capsized the smaller boat which held 25 young Moroccans attempting to reach the coast of the Canary Islands. As a result, one of the occupants died and another seven went missing.

Aside from the collision, and further highlighting the deceit and culpability of the aforementioned Civil Guard patrol boat, the officers did not call the rescue services immediately after the event, potentially an act of criminal negligence that could have cost the lives of the victims. The officers also violated their own protocols, according to which they should have alerted the sea rescue services on detecting the aforementioned boat.

However, what is even more serious is the possibility that the officers may receive impunity for these crimes.

At international level, they may contravene the Geneva Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and, of course, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Will the Commission demand that Spain return the deported immigrants until the culmination of legal proceedings that guarantee a full investigation into the potential crimes? Does it believe that the legislation relating to the deportation of illegal immigrants may prevent their rights from being defended in this kind of case?

Will it take measures to ensure that the Frontex agency can prevent such situations in which the rights of immigrants are not defended? The Commission has no power to directly ask a Member State to suspend a return procedure because an irregular immigrant is the victim of a criminal offence which is under investigation. The incident reported by the radio station SER did not occur in the context of a border surveillance operation coordinated by Frontex. During a joint operation, the Agency and the Member States need to ensure that the protection of fundamental rights is guaranteed throughout the operation.

In patrolling the seas, coast guards are also obliged to respect the. The home Member State must provide for appropriate disciplinary or other measures in accordance with national law where there is a violation of fundamental rights.

Country results

In case such violations are of a serious nature and are likely to persist, the Executive Director of the Agency shall suspend or terminate the joint operation. Wurden bereits Kooperationen im Zuge von pooling and sharing zu Cyber-Sicherheit verwirklicht? The number of cyber crime incidents is growing rapidly in the European Union and worldwide. These activities are anonymous and transnational. They fall between the categories of cyber warfare and cyber crime and can be tackled only at supranational level.

Is the Commission aware of this problem and, if so, do we already have cooperative efforts at EU level to tackle cyber crime or projects to improve such cooperation? Is account being taken of the fact that tackling cyber crime in many cases involves both police and military intervention?

Werbespot(t): Burnout mit Happy End? (German Edition) Werbespot(t): Burnout mit Happy End? (German Edition)
Werbespot(t): Burnout mit Happy End? (German Edition) Werbespot(t): Burnout mit Happy End? (German Edition)
Werbespot(t): Burnout mit Happy End? (German Edition) Werbespot(t): Burnout mit Happy End? (German Edition)
Werbespot(t): Burnout mit Happy End? (German Edition) Werbespot(t): Burnout mit Happy End? (German Edition)
Werbespot(t): Burnout mit Happy End? (German Edition) Werbespot(t): Burnout mit Happy End? (German Edition)
Werbespot(t): Burnout mit Happy End? (German Edition) Werbespot(t): Burnout mit Happy End? (German Edition)
Werbespot(t): Burnout mit Happy End? (German Edition) Werbespot(t): Burnout mit Happy End? (German Edition)

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