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We bring experimental invention to business Get in touch. Get in touch.

Releasing Joyner Lucas and Eminem’s ‘What If I Was Gay?’ Would Have Been a Huge Mistake

What we do. Experimental Change Transforming a culture by applying the practice of experimentation to de-risk change, fully unlock human potential and future proof an organization. Experimental Strategy Making the future real and actionable by using experimentation to create a dynamic, de-risked strategy for growth. YouTube introduced the feature on the web more than five years ago, and on mobile in Fennel Aurora, a cybersecurity researcher in his late 30s, said that in the last several years he has started speeding up the YouTube lectures he watches on subjects including world history, philosophy and biology to twice the normal speed.

But young people do not use the feature — formally known as variable speed playback — just for educational purposes. Katherine Philpott, a year-old student in London, said that she sped up almost every video she watched. Netflix on Monday posted an explanation of the new feature in its media center, confirming that it was testing the feature on Android phones and acknowledging the feedback. As Netflix has increasingly become home for original content made by Shonda Rhimes, Ava DuVernay, Ryan Murphy, Steven Soderbergh and also many, many Adam Sandler movies, it has had to weigh the desires of its user base against those of the artists to whom it pays big money.

Other streaming websites have made their own choices. While YouTube lets its users stream any video at the desired speed, Vimeo, which bills itself as more creator focused, has handed over the controls to those who make the videos. Tell us about your project. With positions at every level, openings in multiple disciplines, expertise in a range of markets and offices around the globe, we create an environment where you can learn, grow and thrive.

The world needs innovators and problem solvers who turn challenges into greater opportunities.

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We have an insatiable curiosity about transformative trends challenging the status quo: Urbanization. Water scarcity. Climate change. Digital proliferation. These issues inspire us to dig deeper and apply big data analytics to fully understand the interplay of multifaceted variables shaping the future, ensuring that we conceive and deliver solutions that connect people and places with the means to work smarter and live better, and make an enduring, positive difference in the world.

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We measure our success by the sustainable outcomes we achieve for the clients and communities we serve, with a fierce commitment to improve the spaces we inhabit. We transform intangible ideas into intelligent, technology-driven experiences that improve speed and efficiency, while reducing resource impacts and ultimately enhancing returns on investments.

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We deliver highly valued solutions for our clients by applying an unrivaled depth and breadth of capabilities:. Combining diverse talents with deep client-application experience and digital intelligence enables us to analyze complex problems from multiple perspectives and deliver more complete, higher value solutions for customers.

Louisiana is rapidly losing its crucial habitat, losing some 1, square miles of land between and — an area larger than the state of Rhode Island. What if we showed you how Jacobs and Shell Pipeline Company turned more than 96, plastic bottles into a natural infrastructure solution that serves as a model for balancing coastal infrastructure integrity and an evolving natural environment?

As the frequency of extreme weather events intensifies, the risk to mobility, progress and safety for global cities grows. What if we showed you how, from rising tides in New Zealand to restoring critical connections after earthquakes, hurricanes and floods, Jacobs is tackling weather-related challenges to secure safer, smart transportation infrastructure solutions for tomorrow? Assets such as physical and utility systems often are the largest investment, and expense, for an organization.

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As assets age, organizations face challenges like poor performance, increased maintenance burdens, increased risk and more. What if we showed you how, in a partnership with Jacobs, the Atlanta Airlines Terminal Company, LLC has taken control of its assets and standardized its business processes to operate more efficiently than ever, in turn increasing satisfaction among more than million passengers annually?

An Epic Exploration of Possibilities

Discover more. A blank slate introduces a host of challenges and opportunities for newly-incorporated cities to manage built assets, enhance planning and improve public safety.

What If Earth’s Atmosphere Was Pure Oxygen?

Between and , the worst drought in a century affected every aspect of Brazilian livelihood — from coffee production to critical infrastructure and water services. Left out in the elements once built, pump stations, pipelines and water storage tanks can become damaged or corroded over time. One of the single largest expenses in the U. What if we showed you, how Jacobs and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission developed a cutting-edge application of magnetic flux leakage technology to access data for early detection of weak spots on water mains to mitigate costs and future repairs?

Smart city solutions are shaping cities and changing lives faster than any other social, cultural or market force today.

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Cities of every size and in every corner of the world are looking to leverage smart technology and solutions to manage resources efficiently, be responsive to the needs of all citizens and be more fiscally progressive. What if we showed you how Jacobs is safely managing one of the world's-largest remediation programs, aimed at protecting this valuable resource? What if we showed you how a Jacobs-designed modelling and simulation tool helps clients plan how their integrated and multi-component resource systems — from drinking water supply to energy generation — will operate with and affect each other in the future?

What if we showed you how Jacobs is diverting thousands of pounds of waste for reuse at Kennedy Space Center, delivering a sustainable and cost-effective solution for temperature-resistant materials needed to keep spacecraft and personnel safe during exploration?


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